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New Ampere Electric Scooter Bookings Are Now Open

Ampere Electric Scooter
Credit: RushLane

With the introduction of Ampere’s Nex Big Thing, Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited is poised to make a ground-breaking contribution to the electric scooter industry. The scooter is set to go on an epic 5,100+ km journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and its major features promise to completely transform the Indian electric transportation market. The car will travel the whole length of the nation in 45 days, traversing a variety of terrains and stopping at several well-known towns and cities along the way. The course of this trip is expected to completely alter India’s electric vehicle market.

Features that Set the New Ampere Electric Scooter Apart

Ampere’s Nex Big thing is a revolution on wheels, not simply a scooter. It is a high-performance, family-friendly, contemporary car that democratizes style and speed for all thanks to its design, which places innovation and sustainability at its center. The innovative aspects of the scooter are cleverly divided into two categories: Nex.IO, which is the brain—a cluster and software—and Nex.Armor, which is the brawn—the frame, motor, battery, and design.

The scooter boasts one of the lightest operating systems and brightest touchscreens available, which enhances the riding experience with seamless navigation and communication. The scooter is a unique fusion of modern aesthetics and rich tradition, inspired by the Arctic Tern, a bird that is known to circle the circumference of the Earth, interestingly passing via Kanyakumari. It is also imbued with Indian design influences.

Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited CEO Sanjay Behl made a statement on the event, saying, “The Nex Big Thing by Ampere is a revolutionary vehicle that is not just about transportation; it is about reimagining mobility for a sustainable future.” The scooter will overcome difficult terrain and connect with the core of what it is to be Indian – a dynamic combination of heritage and modernity, resilience, and community spirit – as it sets off on an epic trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

India’s spectacular beauty will be contrasted with the sleek and luxurious design of Ampere’s Nex Gen Scooter to create a visual spectacle that reflects the spirit of exploration and invention. This opens a new chapter in the 164-year history of engineering brilliance at Greaves Cotton and the 15 years of EV production supremacy at Ampere. Along with Ampere’s Nex Big Thing, GEMPL is ready to revolutionize the ecology of electric scooters with its pan-Indian network and dedication to providing great service. The scooter’s pre-booking period opens today.

Ampere Electric Scooter
Credit: RushLane

Redefining Innovation and Efficiency 

The most effective computer in an electric scooter, with the quickest boot time in its class, is at the core of Ampere’s Nex Big Thing. The scooter’s brightest touchscreen and lightweight operating system combine to provide responsive, real-time, and straightforward performance.

Motivated Style 

The Arctic Tern, a universal representation of movement that melds perfectly with Indian customs, serves as the model for the Nex Big Thing. Its heritage-inspired design gives a high-end, seamless appearance without any noticeable fasteners, raising the bar for 2W aesthetics. From idea to completion, the scooter was designed in India to appeal to the next generation of riders by fusing modernity and comfort. 

Prioritizing Safety 

Safety is a top priority for Ampere, and their Nex Big Thing exoskeleton is 4 times stronger to provide optimal safety at all times. The scooter has an LFP battery, which uses the safest chemistry possible and has the fastest charging speeds in its class.

Comfort on Every Ride 

The Nex Big Thing puts rider and pillion comfort first, whether on long rides or city commutes. It sets a new benchmark for two-wheeler comfort with its largest seat and carbon fiber finish. The scooter is the only one with this unique combination of multi-suspension and hybrid swing arm, a patented technology. 

Various Ride Modes and a Wide Network 

Four ride modes are available on Ampere’s Nex Big Thing to accommodate a range of riding circumstances and tastes. With the support of more than 400 dealers across India, the scooter guarantees accessibility and top-notch service for users all across the country.



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